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"Living force (energy) is a gift which God has given to nature and as such cannot be created or destroyed"
J. P. Joule

The dialogue between Science and Faith within your reach

Science and Faith (SAF) is the first online course set within the Catholic dialogue between Science and Theology. In the last thirty years or so we have advanced significantly and now we wish to put within your reach the principal fruits of this dialogue. Science and Faith are no longer enemies, but collaborators!

Our course is directed at individuals seeking the truth like you, who wish to justify faith in our culture, a culture so influenced by science. If you carry out a formative role within the Catholic Church (teacher, catechist, priest, deacon, religious…etc.), then this course is for you. SAF will give you the vocabulary and knowledge necessary in order for you to be able to answer the frequent questions we are asked by adults, the youth, and children, relating to the relationship between Science and Faith.

Our course enjoys the Patronage of the Pontifical Council for Culture in the Vatican.

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2 forms of access to Science and Faith (SAF)

  SAF without Tutor SAF with Tutor
100% online course
12 Lessons (3 weeks each lesson)

Introductory Videos to the lessons (15 minutes each)
Modern e-learning with additional material in the "Extended Learning" section  
3 minute video summary of the lesson    
Autotest of each lesson    
Personal Tutor
Course suitable for validation for the ongoing formation of teachers
Award of 6 undergraduate credits (European Credit Transfer System)

Week-long guided student online debate during each lesson

Written Assignment each lesson (2/3 pages), assessed by the Tutor


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February 6, 2018

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