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"My utmost respect and admiration to all the engineers, especially the greatest of them all: God."
Thomas A. Edison
Every year children and adults in the classroom ask us the same questions: Was man created by God, or did he come from an ape? How can we understand Creation as explained by the Bible, when in school they teach us about the Big Bang? How can Creation and Evolution possibly be compatible......?
As Catechists we are a group within the Church always interested in ways to improve both ourselves and our teaching, and we know how hard it is to find courses that permit us to explain coherently and simply the difficult questions posed by modern society regarding the relationship between Faith and Science. Secular society would have everyone believe that these two are completely incompatible. Science and Faith in Dialogue is a course that fills this gap, helping you to understand and explain your Faith in an area that has posed so many difficult questions throughout history.
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Want to know more about this course? Click here