"The finest masterpiece is the one made by God, according to the principles of quantum mechanics..."
Erwin Schrödinger

What our students say:


"We are about to complete the course, and I shall miss it!  Perhaps there is no need for me to say it, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I have learnt a lot more, and I have found it very motivational being able to share, dialogue, and discuss with my course companions in the debates. I found the lesson themes extremely interesting, profound, and yet accessible to individuals who have not, as in my case, previously studied theology or Science. With impeccable presentation, and good methodology, documents, music, videos, and superb resources. If I had to give it a mark, as a student, for the course and all the team behind it, I would award them honours, a Cum Laude! Thank you for putting all this knowledge within the reach of so many people. The online method helps all of us who do not have the time to go to a specific location to study, and those who live a long way away from schools or faculties of theology."

M. P. - Spain


"Personally I am more than satisfied with the course. I would just like to encourage you to create a Masters course on the dialogue between science and faith as well so I can go on it! Many thanks to all the team for the good work."

C. - April 2015, Moldova


"I found it to be very interesting on the dialogue between Science and Faith. The speakers and the materials were excellent." 

J. L. - March 2015, Spain


"I thought it was very good, with strong didactic and pedagogical aids. It is material which clears up many doubts and which brings us closer to God." 

J. A. - June 2014, Colombia

"Excellent! For its content, methodology, presentation, complimentary materials, dynamic, and interaction with the tutor and my fellow students. Very recommendable (in fact I have already recommended it to several people). It does not only give you a better understanding of the dialogue between Science and Faith, as with any course that involves theological materials and those related to the human being, it also provides enrichment as a person and in the Faith. For me it has been a window opening to little explored fields of knowledge. I am very happy to have studied it."

M. P. - July 2014, Spain


"I am very surprised by the great number of things I have learnt in just one year! It has been marvellous"

R. G. - July 2014, Japan


"Everything was very positive, the themes tackled, the developments, the videos… Above all I would like to highlight the patience of the Tutor, Dr. Ricard, above all when written assignments arrived late due to IT problems. I congratulate you for everything."

A. M. - June 2014, Spain


"I have been able to demonstrate on numerous occasions (for example when Reading things which were not of the course, or thinking about profound themes), that what I have learnt on this course, without any doubt at all, has opened to me new perspectives. It is as if a new tool is helping me in my evolutionary task."

J. J., Mexico


"Many thanks. It has been a very intense course, not an easy one, but has been well worth the while. It has been both fruitful and enriching. Excellent work on the part of the professors and tutors, especially Rev. Bernard in regard to myself, who has been excellent. Very good discussion themes in the online Debate."

J. T. - Spain




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