Message from the Programme Director

Who are we?

"God is a mathematician of a very high order"
Paul Dirac

Welcome to the Science and Faith programme of studies and resources of the Theological Faculty of Catalonia, in Barcelona, and in particular to the courses on Science and Faith in Dialogue. My Name is Fr. Emili Marles and I am Director of this Programme.

It is important in today´s society for religions to understand their compatibility with science, as many individuals understand science and faith to be incompatible. Church ministers, together with all educators of the Faith, are conscious that they must explain their faith to a world significantly influenced by science. Our courses tackle the principal issues that determine the relationship between science and theology by means of online teaching and tutoring. This is the first time in the Catholic Church that online methodology has been used for the formative dialogue between science, philosophy, and theology, with global themes being examined through the eyes of theology and philosophy in the Catholic tradition. Our key objective is to modify the perception our students have of science by developing in  them a clear critical understanding of the harmony that exists between faith and science, this giving them the vocabulary, knowledge and understanding necessary in order to convincingly answer the difficult questions being posed by today´s challenging society.

Please take your time to examine the pages of our site, and hopefully you will feel the same passion to know more and enter into this dialogue as many hundreds of students have before you.

May God bless you in your work and search for knowledge.

Emili Marles
Rev. Dr. Emili Marles
Director of the Science and Faith Programme